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With our oldtimer tools, every tyre change will be done fast and safe

After a tyre change, all screws must be tightened and seated correctly. To check this, a torque wrench or ratchet is used if you do not yet have any special vintage tools. You will also need to retighten the screws a few kilometres after the tyre change. This is because during the ride they may loosen a little at the beginning. You must adhere to the specified torque when tightening the screws.

If your classic car has central locking rims and has a maximum power of 400 hp, we recommend a defined torque of 300 Nm. It is irrelevant whether your vehicle is fitted with octagonal, wing or oval nuts. On the other hand, if the power of your car exceeds 400 HP, you should choose a defined torque of 500 Nm.

These classic car accessories make your life easier!

Our team led by Michael Kirchgässler has developed a new type of tool made in Germany. This tool enables you to loosen the wingnuts without using a hammer. In this way, you avoid damage to your nuts and the rim. Besides, you can rely on the wing nuts being firmly fixed when using our classic car tools.

Simply combine our tool with a ratchet or a torque wrench and loosen all screws in no time at all! The tightening of all screws is just as fast. This is particularly practical when a quick tyre change is required – for example, in bad weather or emergencies.

Furthermore, you will make the right choice with our classic car accessories, if you attach importance to them:

  • quick loosening and tightening of the wingnuts
  • easy operation
  • superior safety
  • excellent quality made in Germany

Do you have any questions about our special tools or would you like to order them now? Then call us or visit our online shop.

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